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Name:Shannon O'Connell
Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

With a mother who died during complications in childbirth and an abusive drunk for a father, Shannon was all too aware of how different her life might have been if she hadn't met the McManus clan. Ma McManus certainly had enough on her plate raising two boys of her own alone but no matter how little she had, she made sure that Shannon never went hungry. Uncle Sibeal did his part by cutting her father off before he spent all of his wages. And when the drunken bastard started looking at his daughter the wrong way when she finally hit puberty, Sibeal personally made sure to put the fear of God into him in the form of his boot up his ass. He even gave Shannon her first job when she was 15 down at The Anvil. Of course, not even God could keep Sibeal's hands to himself once she was legal age. Thankfully, Ma McManus was there most nights to intercede.

When Shannon was 18, she met a boy named Sean Lynch. He proposed to her the first afternoon they met but it took 4 years for her to yes. Though she had one stipulation. Everything else in her life had been so ugly. She wanted her wedding, just that one day, to be perfect. They saved for more than a year but they were only a little over halfway from what they needed. Sean got impatient. He borrowed some money from the wrong men for what he thought would be a sure thing. It wasn't. He lost it all and rather than tell Shannon what he did and use the money they had saved to pay off his debt he tried to work it off. They made him do unspeakable things promising him every time that this next one was the last time. By the time Sean confessed to Shannon what he was into, he was in too deep. Not even their savings could get him out. The last afternoon she saw him alive he promised that he was done. Apparently, the men he worked for didn't agree.

Unfortunately, Sean's death didn't satisfy the men he owed money to. Shannon wasn't his wife yet but Sean had made her his beneficiary. The tragic irony was that the amount his life insurance paid out was all they would have needed for the wedding. She hated that money so much she nearly gave Sean's killers the money they demanded just to get rid of it but it was Ma McManus that talked her out of it. She told Shannon about this pub in the US that a friend of hers owned and was about to lose. What she needed was a fresh start in a new place with something to call her own. And if she needed anything Ma assured her that her boys would help her out.

((I do not own Boondock Saints or Rachel McAdams but Shannon is mine. Both mun and muse are over 18.))

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